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We create advertising "banners" that run 24/7, but you may ask.. who is looking? The following stats will give you an idea of the effectiveness and need to be on our Community Internet Portal. Websites are not necessary, but each banner advertisement will link to your website if you have one.


After only five years in existence ColesToday's sister Portal AllAroundDanville.com  (now in its 6th year) had another record activity year in 2005 with 7,151,975 hits (information requests) from Jan 1 2005 to December 31st 2005.

This is an average of  629,331 information request per month.

There were 221,808 visitors viewing 1,266,519 pages  in 2005 An average of 607 visitors a day

Average visitors time on Portal 11
.8 minutes.

The Business Categories Directory was viewed (opened) 97,565 times in the same period.

More Recent Numbers: In September 2005 we passed 1,500,000 hits in one month with 27,386 visitors.

in Jan 2006 we recorded
28,442 visitors with 486,725 page requests. (Which does not include pages viewed after going on to Portal links to external website viewing). 2006 will be a great year for activity.


BEAMSCO's ADVERTISING OF Coles County Area.com In addition to the Print Ads below in the newspaper,  BEAMSCO also advertises in the Coles County Area on area radio stations

Examples of How BEAMSCO will advertise ColesToday.com in
Newsprint  to bring visitors to this  Website and yours

Labor Day Weekend Ad in the  Commercial News
Click Ad to enlarge

Advertisement below runs in Newspapers monthly on occasions

An effective and inexpensive to get your message across.

Our rates are very flexible. Rates scale from three days for special promos on the Portal's Home page, to year around.

PLUS: If you have a website, the banner, when clicked, will open to your site. (If we build your website banner ads and insertions are included in the cost.)

Banners do range in size, but it is generally advisable to create them in standard sizes. These ONE TIME banner production costs are $80. We will custom create one for you, if you call or email us

There is a monthly hosting & insertion cost of $6.00.  There is also a discount for a one time annual payment of $66.00. Your banner ad will be inserted on at least three page locations on the Portal.

We will run your ad in your specific category page (i.e. in Restaurants & Advertising, Shirt-Printing, etc.,
like the ads above), Plus the main business index pages, and ALPHA pages. CALL US TODAY you can have worldwide presence on the internet 24/7, year around for less than $70* a year!
(Plus the onetime cost of creating & inserting your unique banner ad initially).

Please use our inquiry form or call For info at 217 442 0823
Email BEAMSCO Direct

Please use our inquiry form or call For info at
217 442 0823
Email BEAMSCO Direct


ColesToday.com" site is produced by as a contribution to Central Illinois, Charleston, Mattoon, and cities of Coles County Illinois Area. BEAMSCO coordinates & maintains this site free
 of charge. BEAMSCO are Website Developers,  State of the Arts Internet Marketing Strategists. Email to:
admin@colestoday.com  Phone (217) 442 0823 
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